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Elevator Companies in kozhikode | Elevators in calicut |our installation processes and Features


Elevator Companies in Kozhikode | Unified Elevators calicut |our installation processes and Features 

The preparatory work for elevator installation outlined in below table should be undertaken   by building contractors in accordance with unified drawings and in compliance with local or relevant codes and regulations and we are the leading elevator company in kerala .

Site Common Spec Details:-


Wall cutouts details:- 

Features of Unified Elevators

The brightness of the elevator hall and car position indicator is dimmed automatically after a preset duration when elevator is idle. Automatic turn-off of car lighting and fan In the event that the elevator is idle, the lighting and ventilation fan in the elevator are automatically.

Elevators in Kozhikode | Calicut

Regenerative system:  Making use of the energy generated by an elevator when traveling downwards with a heavy car load or upwards with a light car load, the traction machine acts as a power generator to transmit power back to the electrical network in the building.

Sight: TFT(LCD) position indicator

Call Bottons: Hall and car buttons using LED light Hall and car buttons utilize LED light which consumes less energy. Hall lanterns using LED light (optional) Hall lanterns using LED light are available for your selection.

Energy Consumption: The operation reduces energy consumption of elevators by forecasting the traveling routes and occupancy rate of elevators during low traffic. The registered car destination floor button flashes when the car approaches the destination floor

The human touch: Multi-beam door sensor
In the event where the beam paths are obstructed, this sensor, installed on the edge of the doors, will keep the doors open.

Hearing: Voice synthesizer (optional)
Preset standard messages are announced to the passengers by a voice synthesizer.

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